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Last week, the Death and Disease team were contemplating information overload.

We’re inundated with information 24/7. But is it really necessary?

Some people believe we should go on low-information diets, and free up our minds for more important things. Others are addicted and love to feel connected.

We asked: Are you a news junky? Or do you deliberately ignore the news to concentrate on the things that are important in your life?

As ever, you served up a veritable array of responses offering tips and questioning both approaches. Just over a third (38%) of you are self proclaimed addicts.

Read on to find out who shuns, who selects and who sings about the news.

Sarah went on a low-info diet a year ago and says her life is “so much better for it”

Martin, like Chris, Scott and Mark and Mark, is an addict – but it does come in handy at the local pub quiz.

PJ is also addicted but counters the depressing nature of the news by singing I’m A Wonderful Thing Baby by Kid Creole to himself in the mirror. Good on you, PJ.

James shuns news so he has more space in his head to think – albeit grumpily… 

Stacey cunningly tailors her news feed on her smart phone to only receive the information she cares about. Now there’s good thinking.

Barrie is “perfectly happy with a vague idea of what’s happening in the world”. If it’s local, he’s usually well informed.

Michelle is addicted to social media (I don’t think you’re alone there Michelle!) but manages to avoid papers and magazines.

Gail wonders “if giving up the news reduces the amount of information our brains have to process, what else should we consider giving up? Should we give up reading fiction, watching dramas, listening to music and looking at paintings?” Well said. Where does the low information diet end? Death perhaps? 🙂 

The Winner

This week’s winner is Ashley ‘Car News In A Cave” Winston. Congratulations! Do get in touch to claim your prize.

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