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Last time we made a video it was hours before the terrible atrocities in Paris.

We often get very considered and informed responses from the Death and Disease viewers, so last week we asked for your thoughts on if the UK should be bombing ISIS in Syria.

We don’t think politics are a good topic for the Death and Disease competitions, but as The Daily Mail and Jeremy Corbyn were both against bombings, and Hilary Benn and David Cameron were both in favour, we thought this wasn’t so much political, as a question of conscience.

Your answers were thought provoking and detailed. We’ve captured just a few below. Scroll on to read them (and find out if you won).

With MP’s voting 397 to 223 in favour of sending RAF Tornadoes over the skies of Syria, it was interesting to see just 29% of Death and Disease respondents agreeing with the majority vote.

Darren commented “The killing of civilians cannot be the answer to the killing of civilians.”

Barrie agrees and suspects that “bombing them would make Britain a bigger target for their hatred,” adding “I’d rather the security forces did their job and they were located and destroyed wherever they are in this country.”

Louise believes “bombing Syria would be a huge mistake,” and that “…terrorism arises from poverty and feelings of impotency.”

While Graham writes, “The eradication of ISIS members should now be a priority for all countries who have been affected and those who are likely to be next (Britain falls into that category) …Britain will be a stronger and safer place to live.”

Andrew, having just returned from Paris last Friday felt the anxiety of the French about their own citizens, says, “yes to the bombings and let’s be as accurate as possible to avoid unnecessary killings,” adding “[ISIS] wouldn’t think like that would they??” Indeed not.

PJ, Mark and Simon share indecision over this thought provoking topic.

“Whatever the Powers that be choose, it would be a damned if you do, damned if you don’t!” says PJ, continuing, “I do think “something” should be done…whatever this “something” is, we must not take silly actions to make it worse!”

Claire felt that the French asked for our help, and therefore we should support our friends their hour of need.

The Winner

First out of the hat this week is Louise “You cannot defeat an ideology by military force” Comb. Congratulations! Please get in touch to claim your prize.

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