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Last week, while contemplating a greenhouse full of poisoned apples tomatoes, we asked: what’s your edible elixir of life? What do you eat to keep you feeling full of life?

True to form, your answers came in thick and fast! We’ve taken the pick of the crop and shared them with you below.

Interestingly, fermented fruit is featured heavily throughout. Read on to find out who’s turning healthy fruit into alcoholic pastimes, who’s got Hannibal on the mind and if you won!

Simon voted for figs, Anna swears by mackerel and Sue votes for Fab lollies – in her own words: nuff said.

Fruit loving Denise calls for blueberries and Chrissie loves melon. While Claire puts a twist on the traditional healthy fruit option to create homemade Limoncello. We are impressed Claire! And yes, we bet it does cure colds, headaches and annoying people!

Tilla’s elixir is Thai spiced pumpkin soup – looking forward to your next insurance review Tilla!!

PJ and Barrie seem to have the same idea – happy body, happy mind they say! But while PJ eats a fry up, Barrie (middle name Hannibal) appears to have cannibalistic tenancies. Critical illness cover does pay out for loss of limbs so do make sure your victim is well insured before sawing off your preferred elixir Barrie!

James grows his own tomatoes (hurrah!) and relaxes in his greenhouse with a basil and feta bruschetta and a nice Chianti while also advising that tomatoes are related to Deadly Nightshade. Death and Disease is hiding everywhere…

Chris is adamant that the 4 pints of Black Sheep and doner kebab he has each Friday night make him feel like he’ll live forever! You look so healthy Chris we had you down as a 10 pints and vindaloo man. Something to work up to perhaps…

Irene the Pub Fixer also drinks a good pint of beer to sustain her life blood, though no mention of kebabs. Don’t be shy Irene!

Gail calls for chocolate and good company. We couldn’t agree more – good friends are better for your health than all the quorn in Christendom.

Jane recommends roast chicken washed down with a healthy fruit drink made from grapes (some people know this as sauvignon blanc). One of your five a day Jane!

Ashley is convinced long life is to be found in the Man Vs Food restaurant in London. While we have no doubt you are right, given the size of the burgers we hope you are well insured, just in case you lose!

The Winner

The first entry plucked off the vine this week is Tilla. Congratulations. We’ll put your prize in the post (though tempted to drop it off at pumpkin harvesting time!)

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