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Last week, the Death and Disease team were looking for a Tomb with a View.  We asked: where would you like to be laid to rest or have your ashes scattered?

As anticipated, your answers varied from the amusing to the artistic. We’ve collected the best of bunch below. Read on to find out who’d haunt their husband, who’d be over the moon and if you won!

Jane would like a tomb at the end of her marital bed, so she can haunt her husband should his grief pass too soon…

Barrie and Chris would like to be shot into space. Chris would head for the Sea of Tranquility. Barrie, naked in a transparent capsule, would travel the universe ‘educating’ aliens about mankind’s beauty…

Preferring his home turf, Nick would like to be “born, bred and buried in Yorkshire”, and asks to perch atop Fremington Edge, looking down Arkengarthdale towards Reeth. A fine spot.

Rod would have his family risk court orders from South West Waters to have his ashes washed away in a river, so to be forever closer to his one true love – fishing! Lovely. We look forward to ingesting you on a future trip to the West Country.

Hannah would have her ashes set free in a strong sea breeze. And Tom B would like to be thrown to the four winds.

PJ would like to be popped into a urn, and travel the world, watching a few bands discretely on stage.


This week’s winner is Tom ‘take me to Death Valley’ Morton. Congratulations! Please get in touch to claim your prize!

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