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Last week, we told you the tale of Angelo Hays, who fell off his motorcycle in 1937 and went head first into a brick wall. Pronounced dead at the scene he was buried two days later.

However, having just taken out a rather large life policy, the insurance company grew suspicious and dug him up.

Angelo was found to still be warm. He was rushed to hospital and after a number of operations, went on to live a long and happy life.

So, we asked, if you woke up from a coma and found you’d been buried alive, what would you be thinking?

Interestingly, around 37% of answers were concerned about needing the loo. Read on to find out who’s crossing their legs, who’s playing it cool and who thinks they’re a celebrity (get me out of here!)

Chris and Priscilla would be grateful for the peace (some members of the Death and Disease team are ‘enjoying’ the school holidays too!)

Practical Carol would lament the end of the graveyard shift and wish there were still bells on coffins like in Victorian times, while leg-crossed Tom and Andrew would lament the loss of lavatories…

Sue shares their sentiments with a reconciled, “Oh cra*p” and in a similar vein, Pete and Joy would be determined to stay calm and carry on – impressively British even when buried!

PJ would resign himself to haunting whoever buried him alive, but also believes he’s a celebrity and someone should ‘get him out of there’. Callers, please dial 0113 320 6660 to place your votes 😉

Barrie would spend the time wondering if he’d ever win a Death and Disease competition. Think positive Barrie. Think positive.

Gail has it all worked out with her spreadsheets and a timely cremation. Likewise, Emily and Mark also insist on being burned to ensure they are never buried alive.

Kayleigh begs to be buried with a shovel, Terry believes he’s The Bride from Kill Bill – bust your way of there Terry! And Kate would crack the cyanide capsule hidden in her tooth – have you always been on such high alert?


The first one exhumed this week is Kayleigh “bury me with a shovel” Beirne. Do get in touch to claim your prize Kayleigh 🙂 

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