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Our Guarantee

We guarantee:

1. Premiums are fixed from day 1. No nasty surprises!

a. We only ever recommend life, critical illness or income protection policies where you know from day 1, exactly what the premiums will be for the entire policy. Nearly always, the premium at the start of the policy will be the same as at the end of the policy.

b. If you choose the option for your cover to increase each year with inflation, your premiums will also increase a little. Alas we can’t predict inflation but even if you have chosen this option, you can decline the increase.

c. Sometimes an age related policy – where the premiums start low, but increase as you get older – is appropriate. When considering these policies we can tell you right at the start what the premiums will be in 10 years, 20 years or whatever, so you can decide if it is right for you.

d. Unemployment cover and home insurance are unfortunately not available with fixed for life premiums, but if ever they become available, we will certainly let you know!

2. You can cancel your cover at anytime without penalty

a. All our life, critical illness, income protection and unemployment policies can be cancelled at anytime without incurring a penalty charge. If you don’t want your cover anymore – just cancel your direct debit! If your circumstances do change, do get in touch – we’d love to help you find something suitable to your new situation.

b. Some of the home insurance policies we recommend do make a small charge if you cancel before the renewal date. Usually this is about £20.

3. We never, ever give you the hard sell – for two very good reasons!

a. Firstly, we hate it when people try and hard sell at us, so why would we do it at our lovely customers?

b. Secondly, it is really really bad for business. We get paid commission at the start of a policy, but we have to pay most of it back if a protection policy is cancelled in the first 2, 3 or 4 years (depending on the provider). So we are very very keen to find you cover that you really really want. If you want nothing at all – that is absolutely fine!

4. We will speak human!

The insurance providers we use are really good. They don’t spend all their energies trying to wriggle out of claims (unlike many car insurance providers for example), but being insurance providers, they often seem to speak a different language to the rest of us. We will always translate this into clear English for you – we want you to understand everything about the cover that you take out. All our advisers will be very pleased to explain your cover as many times as you like, whether that is before your cover starts, or in ten years time. So if you have a question, or a nagging doubt, please please ask 🙂

5. We will never encourage you to lie on an application form

Protection providers are good at paying claims (they get very bad PR if they don’t), however they don’t pay out if the information on the application form is clearly wrong – for example smokers recorded as non smokers. We have come across many clients who are paying for insurance that they can never claim on because the adviser who sold it to them deliberately overlooked key details on their application form to make their life easier. The worst example we have come across is an adviser who deliberately didn’t mention a client’s skin cancer on their application form. We will never ever encourage customers to lie just to get a policy through – we have to sleep at night.

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