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Last week we asked for reassurance that you shared our sense of humour by seeing if anyone could spot the bone puns in Frank the Skeleton’s bio from the About page of the Death and Disease website.

We’ve picked a selection of the best rib-ticklers. Read on to find out who guessed right, who lost the plot, who tickled Frank’s funny bone, and other interesting insights into Frank’s true character…

73% of people came up with the correct answer which was 10, though Barrie made a distinction betwixt bone related puns and those of the death variety. We enjoyed your very literal interpretation Barrie (are you a VAT inspector?) though ‘member’ was not an intentional pun…

Despite the 10 puns, Deborah couldn’t be fooled as she can see right through them. Whereas on a similar but different theme, PJ soberly wondered from the bar of the Nag’s Head if Frank would need a mop and bucket as “pints go straight through him.”

Gail thought Frank was dying to work with us (we’re dying to work with you too, Gail – please do get in touch). Alas his coffin in the office drives us insane, and frankly, he is bone idle when left on his own.

Jane, well done – full marks for the right answer. Also on the transparency theme, we loved:
“I’m sure Frank can see through them – or does he not have the stomach for that?”

While you very much titillated certain parts of the office Sally, we regret we cannot print pixilate your entry about a boner. We don’t want to be too rigid but if we went that far who could conceive where we’d end up.

Our absolute favourite joke has to go to Phil, for this witty number: “I saw Frank once, wandering aimlessly round a cemetery, I think he’d lost the plot” (If only you knew how right you are, Phil…)

James miscounted the rib ticklers but more than made up for it with this marvellous sentiment, “I am not going to hang around at this joint too long. When it comes to origin Frank is obviously of the thoracic age, but sadly no thumb nail descriptions in his treasure chest of stories…” Brilliant!

Clive didn’t want us to be “a bunch of numbskulls,” and said, “you’ve got to admit I tickled your funny bone with this answer. So let’s play some Boney M tunes and get the party started when you announce me as the winner…”

Here at Death and Disease we love optimism Clive! However, first out of the crematorium this week is:


Irene “ten bones, ten bones, them dry bones” Stephenson. Congratulations! Please get in touch to claim your prize.

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