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There’s no doubt in recent years, Halloween has become a roaring success.

But here at Death and Disease, we were wondering: is it wrong that we spend so much money worshipping Beelzebub and terrorising old ladies? Or, is it all a bit of harmless fun?

Your answers flew in like bats out of hell. Read on to find out who wants to feel hot up front and cold round the back, who wants to go back to their Pagan roots and get naked, and if you won! 

3% of respondents feel old ladies need a bit of shock and horror, including Barrie “Old ladies need to be terrorised or they get bored with life.” (We thought they were happy going on coach trips to Llandudno?!) Whereas the old and bold have Bryan quaking with fear – “Old ladies terrorise me!” he says. Do they hunt in packs in your neck of the woods Bryan?

Lynn is all for good [bad] taste but is keen we don’t terrorise Granny Smith at number 45…. Let’s hope the lovely Mrs Smith doesn’t get bored of Llandudno 😉

Overall, 83% of people thought that Halloween is just a bit of harmless fun. Clive agrees, “It’s not wrong. But…it used to be a lot more fun when everyone made their own costumes and decorations rather than spent a small fortune on them.” Hear, hear, Clive. You can achieve a lot with a white sheet and a bottle of ketchup…

Irene is all for it and would extend frivolities to Halloweek if she could! (We’re not stopping you Irene!)

Anna and Mark feel, like father’s day and salt on popcorn, it’s another commercial American import. While Susan was just one of many who prefers Bonfire night. You get “red hot on your front and freezing cold on your back!” Sends a shiver down your spine…

PJ, Helen and Jane would like to go back to their Pagan roots. These wise historians tell us it’s traditionally the Pagan New Year; used to be celebrated as Samhain – a bit like the Mexican Day of the Dead. It became Halloween when the Christian faith appropriated it and (according to Jane) the perfect time to go dancing naked around the bonfire before giving food to the poor. In the interests of keeping out hypothermia Jane, we wonder if at least slipping on a Halloween mask would be wise before distributing alms.

The Winner

First out of the cauldron this week is Chrissie “woahhhhhhhh” Metcalfe. Congratulations! Please get in touch to claim your prize.

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