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Last week, an enormous red hot air balloon unexpectedly landed in the field next door to one of the Death and Disease offices…

So we were wondering, have you been up in a hot air balloon? Would you like to? Or does the idea of being suspended in mid-air by nothing but a ball of tepid air fill you with horror?

The results came whistling in and it turns out you’re an adventurous bunch. Read on to find out who’s too scared to soar, who’s flying high and if you won!

PJ fancies himself as Phileas Fog in a parachute and would love to go around the world in a hot air balloon.

Mark’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt – above his beloved City of York, no less. While Andy would like to get his ballooning stripes over Barnsley – you are a glamorous man, Andy!

Despite the dodgy take off and landing Julie delighted in her hot air experience, not least because she’s was nimble enough to hop in the basket!

Dean likes to keep his feet firmly on the ground (he didn’t say metaphorically as well as physically), while Anna loves the idea but is too scared to dare. But Barrie’s been once and would love to go again.

Gail would give it a go but only with the security of a sales team on board – to ensure there’s plenty of hot air (haw haw haw!)

Sarah was spontaneously roped in to a last minute flight and loved every moment!

Deborah says “Winnie the Pooh did it so it must be okay”. Indeed, Deborah. He is a very wise bear!

Jane loves the romance of the idea – soaring over sun soaked fields and beautiful back gardens. But is certain the reality would be factories, industrial estates and bickering neighbours. (Don’t be like that Jane – Barnsley is lovely – just ask Andy!)

Simon says ‘you must be joking’, while Liz declares it’s one of her wildest dreams and firmly on her bucket list  – send us a picture when you tick this one off, Liz!

The Winner

First plucked from the pot this week is Chris “my husband would love it!” Caple. Congratulations! Please contact us to claim your prize.

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