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Mary Ann Cotton was an upstanding Victorian nurse who poisoned her many husbands for the insurance money. This week we are outside her former house in County Durham.

But here at Death and Disease we asked, what would you do if you found out a serial killer had lived in your house? Would you sell up, use it as a talking point at dinner parties, or something else?

Read on to see your witty entries and find out if you won!

You are an enterprising bunch!

While 25% of you would use the news as a talking point over dinner, a humongous 44% would use your murderous predecessor to make a quick buck!

Jane thought a pop-up restaurant would be a good idea, with a themed menu of fava beans and chianti.

Jeffrey would open a guest house but wouldn’t serve any CEREAL (wink wink)

Christopher, Andrew and Mark would charge people to look around; Irene would rope in Channel 4 to make a documentary and Lynn would use it as a talking point on Facebook.

Traditionalist Becs would continue in the killer’s footsteps (remind me not to stay with you, Becs!). Ksenia would ‘channel’ the killer to freak out her husband, while Ali would be on the phone to an estate agent quicker than you can say Aileen Wuornos!

The Winner

This week’s winner is Emily ‘I’d think it very exciting’ Hutchinson. We think this is pretty exciting, too! Please contact us to claim your prize!

Look out for next week’s video – The Bloodiest Battle in Britain Edition. And if you enjoyed this edition, please share it with your friends – we’re counting on you.

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