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Last week, the Death and Disease team had been learning about a Dutch charity that helps terminally ill people – often people with just days left to live – spend 24 hours doing whatever they like.

So we were wondering: if you only had days left to live, how would you like to spend a day?

Nearly 50% of respondents chose to spend time with their families, sharing their love and eating lots of delicious food!

Read on to find out who would be pampered and polished, who would watch Death and Disease videos back to back and if you won!

47% of entrants would spend time with their families, though Mark would only see them if they came down to the local pub where he would be quaffing a final ten pints. Mary’s family included her dogs and horses (isn’t that a Divine Comedy song? – Ed)

Mike’s very last 24 hours would be spent ensuring every person in his life knew just how special they were, and Barrie would reminisce with his lovely wife. Awwwwwwwwww.

Ian, quite understandably in our view, would watch Death and Disease videos back to back, and then if there was still time, take his gf to see elephants in the wild. We wondered if you could do both these things at the same time? #multitasking

Irene would throw a party! And go out “feeling all the love and warmth of that event” – no mention of if dogs, horses or elephants are invited, but sound roaringly good fun nonetheless!

PJ, thank you for your entry, which possibly does involve dogs, horses and elephants, but we really can’t print that in a family blog…

Julie would (presuming she could) hike to the top of her favourite mountain, breathe in the best air Yorkshire has to offer, and then head to home for “food, food, food”. Do let us know what would be on the menu Julie! Mauricio also had food on the brain. He would feast on empanadas, drink whiskey and wine and play his guitar until the sun comes up (or is that goes down? – Elton) We’d love to join you Mauricio (well, depending on the guitar playing… 😉

Jane would head to a luxury spa to be pampered and polished ready to meet her maker! Whether (s)he exists or not, “I blooming well ought to look my best!” Well indeed!

Ashley would head to the Nurburgring track in Germany, where he was just last weekend – for one last ‘all or nothing’ record breaking lap!

The Winner

This week’s winner is Chris ‘my family, my whole family and nothing but my family’ Andrews. Congratulations! Please get in touch to claim your prize.

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