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Last week the Death and Disease team were at the Lowry Gallery in Salford. Lowry was famous for his paintings of the grim and industrial North full of “matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs…”

In 1952, Lowry painted a particularly cheery picture called the Funeral Party. The man on the right is depicted deliberately being snubbed by everyone else for daring to wear a red tie.

So here are Death and Disease we were wondering, what would you like people to wear to your funeral? Interestingly 21% said nothing at all, 64% mentioned it should be a celebration of some sort, and 0% wanted people to wear black (even that is what we nearly always wear to a funeral). Read on to learn who’d like naked guests, deely boppers and karaoke.

There was a clear naked theme this week. Sue and Jon were typical of the many in the nudist camp, with “nothing at all!” and “only a smile” respectively.

Covering up just a little was Nick, who wanted a Rocky Horror theme, followed by a BBQ after (or possibly during??) the cremation. Claire also had a fishnets theme in mind, but that as is much as we dare print – hugely amused the Death and Disease team though Claire!

At the clothed end of the spectrum, Sarah requested that everyone dresses as famous film stars, sings karaoke and has a knees up. While Jeff specifically requested Rob doesn’t sing at all. Harsh but fair.

Continuing the celebration theme, James, Clive and Karen would like everyone in party colours, George wants flowery dresses and Antonia would like deely boppers and ra ra skirts.

Joy and Michelle opted for the wedding theme, possibly to try and confuse the vicar, while PJ would like someone to dress as the Grim Reaper and whisper “you’re next” to unsuspecting guests.

The prize for the loveliest entry goes to Irene who wants the full spectrum of colours so she can go out at the end of a rainbow. Irene, you are a pot of gold J

And finally Mingus would like a show of support for his chosen military charity. A really excellent suggestion Mingus.

The Winner

First out of the casket this week is Caroline “Anything as long as you’re clothed” Clarke. Congratulations! Please contact us to claim your prize.

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