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Last week the Death and Disease team dodged austere librarians to film in the incredible neo-gothic memorial to John Rylands on Deansgate in Manchester. Mrs Rylands spent £200,000 (in 1900!) to create a lasting memory of her husband.

Here at Death and Disease we were wondering. If you had £200,000 to spend on a memorial, what would you do?

Read on to find out about man-eating plants, a life guard who dresses as Elvis, and why Frank’s no longer the ‘coolest guy in heaven’.

Occurring as it did during the General Election this week’s competition stirred up some political emotions, including Chris, who wanted to buy a large granite memorial for Mr Milliband’s back garden, and Kyla who felt the money would be well spent on rebuilding Hadrian’s wall…. Ivan also made a suggestion regarding the new government, but it is not something we could print pixelate (ahem).

Some of the other entries included: 

Solange would build a stadium while Billy, amongst many others, would have a massive, extravagant party. Possibly in Solange’s stadium? 

Clive would build a beautiful garden and fill it with carnivorous plants (can you get beautiful meat eating plants?!) while Jane would build a community vegetable garden and fill it with her husbands ashes.  

Amanda would create a play area for children dedicated to the importance of never forgetting you’re a child. While James (who entered on VE day) wanted to build a memorial to Bomber Command.

Generous Ann would support her local hospice and create a trust to pay for more staff, while Generous Jacky would support her local library and swimming pool. (At the local D+D swimming pool, one of the life guards is an Elvis impersonator. Imagine: ‘The King’ from the neck up, and David Hasselhoff from the neck down. Marvellous!)

At the more hallucinogenic end of the spectrum, creative PJ would build a coffee, cake and barber’s shop (we are thinking hairs in the kettle). And Emily would build a huge memorial in the shape of a pork pie. Might be a nice feature in Clive’s carnivorous garden?

Ashley would club together with Stu and buy a Ferrari F40. “Yes, we would be dead and unable to drive it” they say, “but we’d be the coolest guys in heaven.” Other than Frank of course…

The Winner

This week’s winner is Antony “I love Neil Hannon” Brown. Do get in touch to claim your prize.

Next week, Death and Disease go to a funeral with L.S.Lowry in a red tie…


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