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A murder has been committed. Can you work out who died and who is the killer?

  • Dave ran in a 10k fun run for his local hospice on Saturday with his older brother
  • Mick grew up at a yard owned by a famous race horse trainer. He now lives in Birmingham.
  • Bob and Geoff cheated in the pub quiz on Sunday by googling the answer to Question 27: “What is a taphophile?”
  • Bob met John for the first time in March.
  • John has disappeared since the murder but was seen on CCTV on Sunday walking across Tower Bridge.
  • The murderer is John’s only brother
  • John and his older brother grew up a stone’s throw from Charing Cross.

The Solution

The murderer:

  1. We know the murderer was John’s only brother. Therefore the murderer is not John. It is also not Bob as they only met in March.
  2. John only had one brother, who was older. Therefore the murderer was not Dave as he has an older brother.
  3. John and his brother grew up near the centre of London. Therefore John’s brother cannot be Mick, who grew up in a yard full of race horses.
  4. By a process of elimination, we therefore deduce that the murderer was Geoff.

The victim:

  1. Unfortunately, we omitted a vital piece of information to identify who died – therefore if you correctly identified the murderer in your entry – please get in touch so we can send you a death and disease prize. We should have told you that the murder was committed last Friday. Had you known this, this is how you would have identified the corpse:
  2. We already know the victim cannot be Geoff.
  3. We are told that Dave, Bob and John have been seen since the murder, and therefore cannot have been murdered on Friday.
  4. Therefore the victim is Mick.

Death and Disease trivia: A taphophile (which came up in Bob and Geoff’s pub quiz) is someone who takes an interest in cemeteries, tombstones, or memories of past lives.

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