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In 1900, a lady who become known as Typhoid Mary moved to New York. Typhoid is a highly contagious disease and Mary was a carrier but didn’t display any of the symptoms.

As a travelling cook she managed to infect family after family as she moved around the city. Eventually, she was condemned by the authorities to spend the final 30 years of her life in solitary confinement.

But we asked if you were Typhoid Mary, what would you do? Avoid the authorities and continue to work as a cook? Or would you be happy to spend the rest of your life in solitary confinement? Or something else?

We had an incredible number of entries this week – good to see the Death and Disease competition spreading like the plague…Read on to see the responses and find out if you won!

We had an 80/20 split between infectors and loners.

We really did open a vein with the infectors (who were virtually all women!)

First to share their bacteria was Claire, whose husband washed her best white blouse with his black trousers and Elizabeth-Louise, who wanted to infect the rotund work colleague who’d just stepped on her toe and didn’t apologise.

No prizes for guessing Sally’s plan of action – her now ex-boyfriend appears to have shared a different type of bacteria with her last week.

Jenny’s husband is in the dock for a similar reason after leaving his Facebook account logged on by mistake. (Sally/Jenny – Frank is young(ish), free, and single – click on ‘about us’ to see his picture or email

Colour Sergeant H would set up a restaurant and call it Renfields. We like your marketing approach, H!

Susan thought she’d get a job as a cook in a prison to reduce the number of very bad baddies, and Mazie felt her bacteria might come in handy for people who drive at 30 mph in a 60 limit. Hope your journey to work was better this morning Mazie!

As an antidote to the murderers, the loners were a happy bunch who thought the idea of solitary confinement to be rather attractive! Lynn and Jane would spend the time cooking glorious food, while Emily would move to a beautiful remote island.

The Winner

This week’s winner is Mary Millar who’s uncle died of typhoid after jumping in to the River Tyne to save his dog aged just 16. What a sad story Mary. It reminds us to make the most of every day. Please get in touch to claim your prize.

Be sure to look out for next Friday’s competition when we film on Manchester’s Deansgate, and then try and dodge the austere librarians….

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