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Q. How much do you charge?

A. You never pay us a penny. We are paid commission by the providers. If a customer cancels their policy in the first 2, 3 or 4 years (depending on the provider) we have to pay most of it back – so we are really keen to find a policy that you really want!

Q. Are you tied to one provider?

A. No. That would be impossible. There are providers who are good for people with diabetes, but hopeless for people in the army. Others are great if you’ve had skin cancer, but hopeless if you are 25 stone etc etc. Some provide free cover for children, others provide free stress counselling. We have no allegiance to any provider. We just want the best for our customers 🙂

Q. Do you do pensions, investments, mortgages or public liability insurance?

A. No. We don’t think we can be great at everything, so we choose to be great at protection.

Q. How do I know my policy will pay out?

A. The insurance industry as a whole is notorious for trying to wriggle out of claims. The life, critical illness and income protection providers that we use are different. They all publish their claims statistics each year, including a breakdown of claims they didn’t pay. If any of the statistics look too low, we stop using that provider. Nearly all declined claims are for two reasons:

1) glaring errors on application forms (for example smokers entered as non-smokers or

2) trying to claim for something that isn’t covered (for example a snapped Achilles tendon is not covered by a critical illness policy). At we have never had a client have a claim turned down. We work very hard to help customers ensure their application forms are accurate, and we properly explain what a policy covers and what it does not before a customer takes it out.

Q. Am I tied in to my policy?

A. Never. If you want to cancel a policy, call us, call the provider or just cancel your direct debit.

Q. Can I change my cover?

A. If your circumstances have changed, it might be that you can increase or decrease your cover without having to take out a new one. Just give us a call.

Q. I’ve been declined cover before. Can you help?

A. We have many examples of customers who have been declined cover before who we have been able to help. For example we know of a protection provider who is very favourable to people with diabetes, another who is favourable for military personnel, another who is much more lenient with people with a very high BMI. We have a special team whose only job is finding cover for people whose circumstances are more complicated.

Q. How long will it take to set up my cover?

A. If there are no GP reports or medicals required, then usually within one working day. If the provider needs to write to your GP, then this can add 3 – 6 weeks (there is very little we can do to speed up GPs). We are as keen as you to get your cover started, so we will do everything possible to speed things along.

Q. Will you have to meet me face to face?

A. No. We can meet up, or talk to you over the phone or internet if you prefer.

Q. Will I have to have an intrusive medical?

A. If the provider asks you to have a medical, a nurse will make an appointment to see you at your home or place of work. Usually this involves measuring height, weight and blood pressure, and possibly a tongue swab (to detect nicotine). It is also possible you might be asked to have a blood test. When the nurse calls to make the appointment, they should tell you exactly what is planned.

Q. I move house in about two months time, when should I apply for life cover?

A. As soon as possible. If GP reports or medicals are required, this can take 6 weeks or more. Once a policy is ready to go, it can wait (at no cost to you) until you know a start date. So much better to apply, and have the policy waiting until you are ready, than apply a week before you move, and the policy not be set up for 2 months.

Q. When will the provider start taking premiums?

A. No premiums are taken until the policy has started – and you can choose your start date to suit your needs. Once a policy has started, the provider will provide you with written notice of when the premiums are due. Usually the first premium is taken about 10 working days after the start of the policy. After that you can choose which day of the month you’d like your premiums to come out. If you want to change your payment date, just let us know.

Q. The direct debit is already set up on my account and my policy hasn’t started yet?

A. When you apply for life cover etc, the providers will set up the direct debit as part of their identity check. They will not claim any money until your policy has started – and as part of the direct debit agreement, they must write and tell you before they take any money.

Q. I’ve got some existing cover, but I have no idea what I am paying for.

A. Very common! We can help you find out exactly what you’ve got.

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