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On Saturday afternoon in a crowded department store, Anita Bath is trying on bikinis when someone emerges from a changing cubicle and shoots her dead. The gunman then disappears. The renowned Detective Inspector Jason DeVillain is quickly on scene. After speaking to everyone in the vicinity, it appears that the only actual witness to the murder was another customer who was in the changing rooms at the time. This customer appeared to take advantage of the ensuing chaos by running out of the shop without paying for the garment they were trying on. DI Jason DeVillain looks around outside the shop and immediately thinks he has found the witness. Look very carefully at the picture above to see if you can spot who you think DI DeVillain would like to help him with his enquires?


If you look carefully at the seated lady on the left, you will see she still has a security tag attached to her blouse. Detective Inspector Jason DeVillain obviously thinks she is the one who witnessed the murder before running out of the shop.

Congratulations to Mark Hewitt from who was first out of the hat. Get in touch Mark to claim your prize!

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