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You have probably read about it in the papers. Dr Theodore Carter, Curator of the British Egyptology Museum, has been found dead. It was a dreadful scene – he had been stabbed through the heart with an ancient dagger after working late one evening. There was blood everywhere. Cabinets had been broken, papers strewn everywhere, and signs of a desperate fight. The infamous mummy of the High Priest Panhesi has disappeared from his smashed cabinet, along with other precious artefacts. Did he walk again? Then later, trusty night watchman at the museum, Daniel Green, was also found dead, with a mark on his face spookily echoing the mosquito bite which Lord Carnarvon suffered prior to his untimely death. Or did he just die from shock? The eerie sound of an ancient trumpet was heard around the time of Dr Carter’s death (click here to listen).


Luckily, world famous archaeologist and adventurer Professor Illinois Bones is attending a nearby conference, and has been called in to help solve the mystery. A papyrus with a secret message has been found close to diabetic Dr Carter’s lifeless hand. The last person who saw him alive was the glamorous Dr Gamila Abdul Rashid from Egypt. His delayed meeting with her was the reason for him working late, and they were once romantically involved whilst on a dig. The last call on Dr Carter’s phone was to his beloved wife, Amelia, who had a rather more lavish lifestyle until she fell in love with an historian. Was one of them involved?

To beat Professor Bones to solving the mystery, and claiming the reward you will need to translate the message written by Dr Carter using his bleeding finger, and then write a short paragraph in the box below as to what actually happened on that fateful night.

You download the handy itranslatehieroglyphics app on your phone (screen shot below) and set to work, mindful of the amazing Death and Disease prize you could win if you are the first out of the hat in a fortnight. The solution will be published on the Death and Disease blog at the same time.


With many thanks to Lindsay Hartley from created this murder mystery. If you would like to write a murder mystery for Death and Disease (it doesn’t have to be as amazing as this one!) do please get in touch.


The hieroglyphics read:

The Land of Osiris calls. Daniel has stabbed me. I cursed him with my need….

Daniel (the night watchman) stole all the precious artefacts expecting Dr Carter to be out. Dr Carter tried to prevent Daniel from escaping and got stabbed with the dagger in the process, but not before Carter lunged at him with his syringe of insulin, sinking the needle into his face. (Note, we are great at finding life cover for diabetics – Editor) Daniel ran off before the insulin took effect. Carter knowing he was dying tried to write a note explaining what happened.

As an aside, the trumpet sound was Carter’s ringtone – it was his wife was trying to call him back.

Congratulations to Becky Ladley from who was the first correct answer out of the sarcophagus. Do get in touch Becky to claim your prize!

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