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Declan the detective was at his desk typing up his notes after infiltrating an international oil smuggling syndicate. Suddenly a bullet flies through the open window and blows his brains out. Declan’s colleague Detective Daisy takes a quick look at the note on Declan’s desk (see above) and dashes out and arrests the head of the syndicate. There are three possible suspects Bill, Bert and Belinda. Whom did Daisy arrest?

Put your answer below and the first correct entry out of the hat in a fortnight wins a fabulous death and disease prize. The solution will be published on the Death and Disease blog at the same time.



If you look at the numbers on the pad upside down they read: 81LL 15 8055 HE 5ELL5 01L. So the correct answer is Bill.

Congratulations to Nigel Greenwood from for being the first of a plethora of correct answers out of the hat. Please get in touch to claim your prize.

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