Disease Of The Week – Moth Eaten Cancer

A rare cancer that permeates the bone appearing as a moth eaten effect on x-rays is called Ewing Sarcoma. You can just about make out this moth eaten effect on this x-ray from Dr M Richardson

In the UK, an average of only 6 children a year are diagnosed, including a girl from Hull who was diagnosed in April. The brave 10 year old had a pain between her shoulder blades after swimming, and thought she’d pulled a muscle. After a few weeks, the pain didn’t subside and went to her doctor. She was found to have a 7cm tumour and 4 days later, she was paralysed.

In 2011, 3 children from Wake Forest, North Carolina were diagnosed. All had shared the same temporary classroom while their school was renovated. No one knows why.

Sadly, only 30% of people survive 5 years or more if the cancer has spread beyond the primary tumour.


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